Gratitude is our why

Propagating goodness and advancing human connectivity

We built thnx! to increase the tonnage of goodness on the planet

thnx! Founders

Executive Team

Craig Mair

Managing Director

Large flat white

Darren Younger

Advisory Board

Flat white

We are a curious, passionate, fun and ridiculously good looking bunch of creators. Modest too!

Colin Goudie

Head of Engineering

Flat white (no sugar)

Lynda Black

Senior Developer

Full cream latte

Dylan Black

Senior Developer

Long black

Maddie Bremner

Cafe Activations

Hot chocolate

Rowena Curran

Office Manager


Original Founders

Simon Yuen

Double shot almond latte

Kieran Fugle

Vanilla latte

We know how to design technology that addicts, that draws us in, that ultimately leaves us feeling empty and worthless. There is no art in that. The real art is in creating products to increase connectivity and make us feel …products that create stronger relationships, and make us slightly better versions than we were yesterday. Propagating good is the business model of the future.