Imagine if being grateful was easy

thnx! is an instant way to action feelings of gratitude by sending one or two coffees from your phone to those who deserve it most​

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How to redeem your thnx! (13sec)

Your thnx! just powered up The Gratitude Economy™

How thnx! works

  1. Be grateful
  2. Open your thnx! app and tap Give thnx!
  3. Instantly, your thnx! appears in the recipient’s phone
  4. They can redeem their thnx! for a coffee or two at any activated cafe
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Introducing thnx! the easy way to show gratitude (52sec)

High-trust companies outperform
low-trust companies by 76%

Recognition builds trust

Harvard Business Review

The thnx! Coffee specialist network is growing each day. Join us in powering The Gratitude Economy™ together

98% of people are too busy to send
a written note of thanks

Actioning gratitude improves wellbeing

Positive Psychology

Who would you thank today?